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Notice of Fossil Ridge Metro Districts 1,2 & 3 Board Meeting:

Monday, February 11, 2019 at The Retreat.

While the meeting will officially convene at 5:30 PM, a 90 minute executive session is currently scheduled. Consequently, the normal agenda, starting with Public Comment, is not expected to begin until 7:00PM

The complete package is available for resident review under the FRMD Board Tab


Notice to the Residents Regarding 2018-2019 Property Tax Errors


CLICK HERE to view the Property Tax Errors notice that has been mailed to all owners by the Board of Directors for the Fossil Ridge Metropolitan District Nos. 1-3.


Did You Know?...

The location and number of filings in our community- Click Here 

The construction of community like Solterra involves separating the effort into projects known as filings, which are registered with the city.  As the work on a filing is satisfactorily completed, the FRMD accepts the filing from the developer and assumes responsibility for it.  In community meetings, these areas are frequently only referred by their filing number.

In an effort to better familiarize community members with the location and number of each filing, the attached map provides information residents may find useful.



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