Architectural Control

Architectural Control


It is extremely important that ALL EXTERIOR IMPROVEMENTS OR CHANGES be approved by the Design Review Board (DRB) of the Association. This is a requirement of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.  The intent of this requirement is not to hinder people from freedom of choice but to ensure their choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community.  An attractive, harmonious community will be a desirable place in which to live, and will also prove to be a better investment over time.  Failure to obtain approval on modifications may result in fines or legal action.


The DRB (Design Review Board) meets once a month, typically the first Wednesday of the month and the deadline to submit to Overlook Property Management is the first Thursday of the previous month.  Please refer to the calendar in the “Homeowners Guide to DRB Applications” for scheduled dates.


The following information is presented as a guide to submitting applications to the DRB.  Please read the following documents:


Homeowners Guide to DRB Applications:  This document describes the process and presents an overview of the information needed for the submittal to the DRB.  Read this first to understand the process.


Residential Improvements Guidelines and Site Restrictions for Solterra-Dec 2018:  This document explains in detail what is needed for a submittal as well as all the restrictions on the types of improvements.  Please read this before you decide to make any improvements.


DRB Application Form Rev Jan 2019:  This is the form to submit to Overlook Property Management when you want the the DRB to approve your plans.


Elements of Solterra-Landscape Design Guidelines Rev12-2018:  This is supplemental information on the theme, style and character of the Landscape in Solterra.


Additional information


Elements of Solterra-Design Guidelines Rev2105:  This is supplemental information on the theme, style and character of the architecture in Solterra.


Landscape Drawing Examples:  These are examples of typical landscape design plans.