DRB Info

Design Review Board (DRB) Submittal Process: The DRB meets once a month, typically the First Wednesday of the month and the deadline to submit to the DRB is the last Wednesday of the month. 

These dates/ time frames are subject to change so please refer to Article 2 Section 2.4 (Action by the A/LRC and the DRB) of the Residential Improvement Guidelines and Site Restrictions for Solterra which states that the DRB has up to 45 days to make a decision on any DRB Submittal. 

Owners should be aware that each submittal goes through a pre-review by the Architectural/ Landscape Review Committee, made up of homeowners, prior to the Design Review Boards review. The DRB asks that owners submit their application at least 10days prior to the upcoming DRB meeting. 

    • All exterior paint submittals will require the following:
      • Paint chips/swatches must be mailed into Overlook.  Digital copies will not be accepted.
      • Explanation of where each color will be applied.
      • Exterior photo(s) of the home in its current state along with exterior photos of the two adjacent homes on either side to avoid replication/duplication.
      • If the homeowner has two options for the DRB to select from, please specify this and all other details on the Design Review Request Form.
      • If the colors are new to the community or are bold in nature, please obtain adjacent neighbors signatures before submitting to the DRC.


    • All landscape submittals will require the following:
      • For faster review and approval, all submittals are highly encouraged to depict the full yard showing the proposed Landscaping/Deck/Patio/Fence shown in context with the house, the property line and adjacent neighbors.
      • Please use the words “existing” or “proposed” so that the DRB knows what is already in place or what is proposed as new.
      • All Fences will require material, height and color/stain information for approval.
      • All paths, patios, rock beds, mulch beds will require specific material information include type of rock/stone/mulch and color. Pictures and additional product information is helpful in gaining immediate approval.
      • All wood built structures, including but not limited to, a trellis, deck, pergola will require wood species and stain color information for approval.
      • Decorative walls and sitting walls require material and color information as well as height dimensions.
      • All privacy screens will require additional material, color, height and exact location details.
      • All trash enclosures will require material information, color and exact location.  Elevations may be required.
      • All driveway borders will require material and color information as well as width dimensions.
      • The following words/items will need more description for all submittals – we will deny approval if additional information is not provided:
        • Decorative Pathway
        • Privacy Screen
        • River Rock
        • Trellis
        • Decorative Patio
        • Decorative Borders
        • Fence with gate
      • If any part of the landscaping can be seen by adjacent neighbors due to height, please obtain neighbors signatures before submitting to the DRB.
Click here to view the Solterra Landscape Guidelines 
Click here to view the Solterra Design Guidelines

If you are ready to submit your landscape design or miscellaneous request, please use the following form:

Solterra Design Review Board Submittal Form

If you live in a Remington Patio Home and your request pertains to landscaping, 
all front and rear yard improvements must be approved by the Solterra Patio HOA prior to submitting to the Solterra HOA Design Review Board. Please use this application and follow the instructions below for all front and rear yard improvements.

If you have any questions Please contact the office of Overlook Property Management at 303-991-2192, option 1 or to discuss the Design Review Board submittal process.